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I have a project for multimedia player running on WP8. Does WP8 SDK supports AVRCP that user can control playback from Bluetooth device? What APIs or events I should use to receive control events? Thanks!

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From a consumer perspective WP7 OS supports BT-AVRCP 1.3 and so does WP8 OS. Based on MSDN the BT-AVRCP 1.4 profile is supported for WP8.

From a developer perspective BT-SPP is supported for direct developer reads & writes. I'm not sure if WP8 can successfully open a BT-AVRCP socket, so go ahead and try to open a socket to one and see what happens.

If you're just trying to play Audio on a Bluetooth headset, use the plain-old WP7/WP8 media playback classes and use the new WP8 AudioRoutingManager to force output on bluetooth headset.

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Thanks! I am acutally using MediaPlayer APIs to play/pause songs in Media library. What I need is for users to control playback functionality through BT device. The audio actually routed correctly without doing additional things. Do you mean opening socket to get commands (play/pause/ff/fr) from BT device? Can you please give more info? Thanks again! –  thsieh Jan 9 '13 at 5:12
I haven't tried a BT-AVRCP socket. Potentially you might be able to open one and send commands. Here's an example of opening up a BT-SPP socket to Sphero @ developer.nokia.com/Community/Wiki/… . And here's an example of a BT-SPP socket to Mindwave Mobile headset @ metroeeg.codeplex.com/… –  JustinAngel Jan 9 '13 at 5:55
AVRCP is layered over L2CAP and not over RFCOMM. The sockets in WP8 use RFCOMM apparently only. (alanjmcf.me.uk/comms/bluetooth/…) –  alanjmcf Jan 9 '13 at 14:54

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