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The use case is shared by all (vim) developers around the world (IMHO) : we would like to update a tag and a timestamp on each write operations in the sources files. My attempt with the help of Barry Arthur is this :

Example of string to update on each writes

# 2013-01-09 01:04:31.0 +0100 / Me <me@domain.tld>

The vimrc code

" if not maped, :x don't call UpdateTimestamp()
map :x :wq
function! UpdateTimestamp()
  let old_pos = getpos('.')
  let old_search = histget("search", -1)
  g/^\(#\|\/\/\)\s\+\d\{4\}-\d\{2\}-\d\{2\}\s\+\d\{2\}:\d\{2\}:\d\{2\}\.\d\+\s\++\d\{4\}\s\+\/\s\+Me <me@domain.tld>.*/s/.*/\="# " . strftime('%F %H:%M:%S.0 %z') . " \/ Me <me@domain.tld>"/
  exe "normal /".old_search
  call setpos('.', old_pos)

au BufWrite * call UpdateTimestamp()

problems not solved

  • the undo history should not be modified when updating the tag (if possible)
  • the position of the screen change on writes
  • there's some not wanted errors displayed on the screen when the pattern is not found


Simple : how to solve these issues ?

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You don’t need saving/restoring position at all, neither using setpos() nor winrestview(): you can just not move the cursor. Neither you need tricks to save/restore search: use search() function in place of :g and setline() in place of s/.*/\=:

function! UpdateTimestamp()
  " Removed “.*” from the end of the pattern because it is pointless
  " Also made it use very-magic mode because otherwise it looks bad (too many escapes)
  " Also replaced \d\{2\} with \d\d because \d\d takes less characters
  let lnr=search('\v^(\#|\/\/)\s+\d{4}\-\d\d\-\d\d\s+\d\d\:\d\d\:\d\d\.\d+\s+\+\d{4}\s+\/\s+\VMe <me@domain.tld>', 'wn')
  if lnr
    " Matchstr gets comment leader. Above regex intended to work with # or // comments, but \=expression supported only the former, this got fixed
    call setline(lnr, matchstr(getline(lnr), '^\S\+')." " . strftime('%F %H:%M:%S.0 %z') . " / Me <me@domain.tld>")

. Note: there is still one difference between your and mine solution: here only one timestamp is updated. This issue can be fixed.

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  • RE: the history should not be modified when updating the tag
    You mean undo history, right? That's against Vim's design. Every change needs to be represented. Best you can do is :undojoin, but I would find this confusing.

  • RE: the position of the screen change on writes
    You need to use winsaveview() / winrestview() instead of just setpos().

  • RE: there's some not wanted errors displayed on the screen when the pattern is not found
    Pass the /e flag at the end of :substitute, and prepend :silent! to :global.

PS: I think there are plugins on vim.org that do what you want. Have you tried some of them?

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Thanks for the tips, no I have not seen these, but I will search. –  StardustOne Jan 9 '13 at 0:55
I still have "E486: Motif introuvable" (pattern not found error) with the /e modifier at the end of the //s///e regex. –  StardustOne Jan 9 '13 at 1:09
Ah sorry, you also need :silent! g/... –  Ingo Karkat Jan 9 '13 at 1:15
You can also make use of the try ... catch ... finally ... endtry construct in Vim to handle errors. –  Daan Bakker Jan 9 '13 at 9:26
@Daan: Yes, but here we want to ignore errors. That would mean wrapping each command in its own try..catch to avoid that the remaining commands aren't aborted. –  Ingo Karkat Jan 9 '13 at 9:35

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