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I am trying to develop custom User model/authentication code in Go on GAE. The following code is a simple modification of some code in the demos/guestbook application:

q := datastore.NewQuery("User").Filter("Email =", email)
users := make([]User, 0, 1)
if _, err := q.GetAll(c, &users); err != nil {
   http.Error(w, err.Error(), http.StatusInternalServerError)

Where email is pulled from a form. It just queries the datastore for a User with the given email. It works fine if the User with the email exists, and dies with an "Internal Server Error" page if they don't. What I don't understand (I guess about error handling in Go, or maybe datastore querying), is why I can't do anything else within that if error block. A slight mod like this:

if _, err := q.GetAll(c, &users); err != nil {
   fmt.Fprintf(w, "%s\n", "user not found")

produces the same "Internal Server Error" page instead of just printing "user not found".


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It is tough to say without seeing the rest of your code, but the main point is that when you say:

if _, err := q.GetAll(c, &users); err != nil {
   fmt.Fprintf(w, "%s\n", "user not found")

The inner statement will only be triggered if there was an error during the query, not if the query returns nothing. Therefore you aren't actually entering that block of code - my best guess (without seeing the code) is that your Internal Server Error is being triggered elsewhere, perhaps somewhere where you are treating users as a variable that contains data. If you want to print out that message if no user was matched, you could do something simple like check the length of the response - if it is 0, no results were returned and you can print your message:

     if len(users) == 0 {
         fmt.Fprintf(w, "%s\n", "user not found")

There is likely a more idiomatic way, but I believe that will work for your situation (it will print just as you state there - you may want to handle it differently).

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