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I tried searching for this, but I kept coming across questions of how to make a cell show as blank instead of false. I want to clear the formula out.

I am working from an access database (that i can't do much to), that contains data on sessions on our computers. What the database will give me currently is basically "Section 1, 9-10", "Section 1, 10-11", etc. There are a total of 5 sections like this for 11 hours. In the past, I've had to copy from those queries into excel sheets. What I've gotten to at this point is I can create a query for each section that just gives me the information I need, start time and duration, which I can paste into a workbook I made.

What this workbook does is take the data from those columns and moves it to page 2 sorted by hour with if statements. the problem with that is I need those if statements to go all the way across, and far enough down to be sure to include the highest number of sessions we've had, plus a comfortable buffer, so it's 7000 rows down.

After that sorting is done, I can take all the data from that second sheet and paste it into monthly records. the problem is, with there being formulas in each of those cells, it adds approximately 7-10 Mb to the file size.

Is there someway so that cells that evaluate to false have their formula removed? Or, probably more likely, a better way to go about this without much additional software?

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I'm guessing you want to use an if formula and if it evaluates to False then display nothing. You can do this by setting the value for the false result to "".

=if(expression,value if true, "")

The alternative is to use a macro to loop through each cell and clear it if the value is false.

Sub falseToClear()

' Change to the range you need to parse
Set Rng = Sheets(1).UsedRange

For Each cell In Rng
    If cell.Value = False Then cell.ClearContents
Next cell

End Sub
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The second one looks like what I'm after. I'll have to putz around with that later. Thanks a lot! –  JPowers Jan 10 '13 at 17:48
@JPowers No problem. If my answer has solved your issue I'd love it if you could mark it as an answer. :) –  Nick Perkins Jan 10 '13 at 23:36

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