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Just started to move to Intellij Idea and stuck with some UI settings: Is possible to configure "Idea" to display src/main/java as one folder like in eclipse? It's really annoying click 3 times just get to your sources.

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Not sure what's happening in Eclipse, but if you got no other folders under src or main, you can use the Compact Empty Middle Packages option.

enter image description here

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in eclipse you don't need to click on src -> main -> java to see your packages. It shows scr/main/java as one source folder. Thanks for answer anyway. – maxx Jan 18 '13 at 0:14
You can also switch the Project panel to the Packages view to show just sources. – CrazyCoder Jan 24 '13 at 13:28

The closest thing I have found so far is to create a new scope.

File -> Settings -> Scopes

Call it something like "Eclipse View" and set the Pattern to


Then select the new "Eclipse View" scope in the Project tool window. It is not a perfect match, but it is pretty close.

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This shows packages as folders, e.g. com/foo/bar instead of – Thomas Feb 25 '14 at 10:42

Use Flatten Packages to have the packages displayed in the format you want. (Eclipse like behavior).

enter image description here

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You can configure 'Project Structure -> Modules' and in your module set folder 'java' under 'src/main/' to be indentidied by IDE as Source Folder. Than Idea will collapse 'src/main' as one item in project navigator.

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This looks like the right answer and the way Eclipse works. But I couldn't figure out how to set the java folder under src/main to be the Source Folder (In Eclipse, you navigate to the folder and set it as a source folder from the context popup). No such option in the context sensitive popup in Intellij and I couldn't figure out where to set that in Project Structure-> Modules. – Milind May 1 at 2:34

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