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I am looking at one of the question that is posted long back by x person.

Ex: assertEquals(driver.getPageSource().contains("sometext"), true);

(or) assertEquals(boolean , boolean);

If the above method exists I love to use it. I looked around JUnit API and its methods and there is no such method .

1) If it exists can someone post the relevant link, please ?

2) do assertations exist in JAVA default classes? (I know they are there in JUNIT)

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These are two separate (and unrelated) questions; please post them as two separate posts... – Oliver Charlesworth Jan 9 '13 at 1:39
What happens when you try to use assertEquals(boolean,boolean)? Is ther any error? or unexpected behavior? Another thing is better use assertTrue(boolean condition), for these kind of boolean checking. – Dipak Chandran P Jan 9 '13 at 8:42
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The assertEquals methods are in JUnit, specifically in the org.junit.Assert class:

You typically import them with a static import statement like this:

import static org.junit.Assert.*;

assert on its own is part of core Java, it provides a way to add sanity checks that get run while you are debugging, but which get ignored (and therefore don't add any overhead) in production code.

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Why not use assertTrue(driver.getPageSource().contains("sometext"));?

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If you want to do assertions in your main Java code (say for a sanity check), you can use the assert keyword. Methods like assertTrue() and assertEquals() from JUnit are meant to be used in JUnit-based unit testing code.

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The most basic example is the one @daniel-kaplan suggested but if you have an option of adding additional lib in your testing scope i would suggest Hamcrest matchers. They add super awesome syntax sugar.

You example would be:

assertThat(driver.getPageSource(), containsString("someText"));
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API documentation generated with javadoc. JUnit javadoc link

If you want to use the method to compare beteewn boolean and boolean, maybe you can use the method assertTrue(boolean condition) .

java code:

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