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I have some code here:

    <h:form id="formA">
        <p:treeTable id="tree">
            <p:ajax event="select" listener="..." update="mustRefresh" />  
    <h:form id="formB">
        <p:panel id="mustRefresh"> ... </p:panel>


When user select a record on treeTable(formA), its detail will show on formB and ready to edit. My trouble is update="mustRefresh" not work, it throw exception like this:

javax.faces.FacesException: Cannot find component with identifier "mustRefresh" referenced from "A4578:formA:tree". 

I tried with @form, formB, :formB and :mustRefresh but it does not work.

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Since mustRefresh in the component hierarchy is inside formB you should reference it with:

<p:ajax event="select" listener="..." update=":formB:mustRefresh" />

See how UIComponentBase.findComponent works.

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