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My unending adoration and admiration to anyone who can help me resolve a font awesome problem in ie8.  Yes I know ie8 is no fun but I need to make it work because ...well because.  

The problem is related to ie8's refusal to update :before pseudo elements if the content: is left unchanged.  This makes it rather hard to control font color when an elements' parent receives a css class update such as 'selected' via jquery or javascript.  What is an elegant way to force a repaint of the pseudo element :before content?

.items div {color:red;}
.items dig.selected {color:green;}

$('.toggle').on('click', function(){$('.items').toggleClass('selected');});

<div class="items">
<div class="selected">item 1<i class="icon-arrow-left"></div>
<div>item 2<i class="icon-arrow-left"></i></div>
<a id="toggle">Toggle</a>

I made a jsfiddle to demonstrate the issue at hand:  http://jsfiddle.net/SLpAE/1/  

Works in ie >= 9  and 7 oddly enough as well as ie8 compatibility mode (with different issues), also works in Chrome, safari and FF

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Did you try color:inherit for the :before rule? In case that doesn't work I would also try creating a separate rule explicitly for .selected i:before with the desired color. –  inhan Jan 9 '13 at 4:43
@inhan - I couldn't find anything more elegant that what you have suggested. I ended up having to create an ie8 only style sheet that redefines .selected i:before It was acting flaky if I made the content identical but once i changed the content from "\x047" to "\x407 " for example. Now it works but if I add icons or create a subset or want to add additional key classes such as .on or .off I have to worry about yet another css file. I feel that the best solution for my scenario would be something that shims the browser rather than having to maintain additional styling. –  reachingnexus Jan 10 '13 at 16:13
To make sure I would use a <span> with {display:block;float:[left|right]} instead of a (:):before or (:):after selector. But seeing it's the <i> tag I suppose you're using Bootstrap, so that might not be the easiest solution (although it's more rigid). –  inhan Jan 10 '13 at 16:17
@inhan - I'm not using Bootstrap for this project, I was just trying to leave font awesome as vanilla as possible. But now that I am writing additional style sheets for ie8 I will probably take your advice, go back and use more traditional elements... –  reachingnexus Jan 10 '13 at 21:49

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