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I am having problems compiling LibQxt for qt 5.

There are commits that says "Port Libqxt to Qt5". The project says to use configure-premake but it gives the error that there is no premake for windows but in the premake folder there is a file called premake.exe with the commit "Port LibQxt to Qt5" so i guess they added the option to compile for qt5 on windows but did not update the bash script? Anyone had any luck compiling libqxt for qt5 on windows with visual c++ 2010 and would like to share with me how?


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Is this still an open problem? Cause I didn't experience any problems building the library in windows with Qt 5. v6.0.7 from the main wiki page doesn't work, so get the lastest source from the master branch instead. – Lee Zhen Yong Apr 26 '13 at 3:22

This is a bug. Building libqxt on Windows with Qt5 Is still open.

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Looks like i'll have to stick with qt4 for a while longer. – Jason123 Jan 23 '13 at 0:28

I'v managed to compile the tip on Windows with Qt 5.2.1. Don't know about newer Qt versions, though.

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