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I just can't get the button to align center here. What am I doing wrong? Also, I need to add an image next to the title text and they both together should be aligned center. How do I do it?

<div data-role="page" id="pageMain">

<div data-role="content" align="bottom">    
    <div id ="mainDiv2">
        <table border="1" align="CENTER" cellspacing="0" width="100%">
        <td align="center">
            <div id="question">
        <td align="center">
            <div class="ui-grid-b">
                <div class="ui-block-a"><button id="button1" type="submit" data-theme="c">test</button></div>

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IMHO strange and unnecessary combination of table + JQM grid...

Is that close enough to what you wanted?

<div data-role="page" id="pageMain">
    <div data-role="header">
    <div data-role="content" align="bottom">    
        <div style="
            background-image: url(;
            width: 300px;
            height: 300px;
            margin: 0 auto;" data-role="none"></div>
        <h1 style="text-align: center;">Your text goes here</h1>
        <button id="button1" type="submit" data-theme="c">test</button>

jsFiddle for this is here

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peterm - Yes, thanks! Just needed an image to be a thumbnail right next to the text on top. Might be able to figure it out but if you can out together something quick, please do! – sharatg Jan 9 '13 at 19:15

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