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I have the following files





extern CustomClass *doSomething(CustomClass *var1, const char *var2);
extern CustomClass *doSomethingElse(const char *var1);

template <class MYCLASS_A>
void myFunction(CustomClass *var1, const char* var2){
if (condition){
    new (MYCLASS_A);

#include "sharedFile.hpp"
// Contains the definitions of doSomething and doSomethingElse among others

// Other declarations


void someFunction(CustomClass* var1){
doSomething(var1, "FOO");

The following are in one Visual Studio Project, Project A: file1_moduleA.hpp, file1_moduleA.cpp and sharedFile.hpp

The following are in another VS Project, Project B: file1_moduleB.cpp, file1_moduleB.hpp

Project A compiles and links perfectly, whereas Project B compiles but gives an unresolved symbol for CustomClass *doSomething(CustomClass *var1, const char *var2) at someFunction in file1_moduleB.cpp

I have tried defining the function with and without extern; tried using a separate file for the template in file1_moduleA.hpp; tried inducing dependency between ProjectB and ProjectA in VS, but nothing seems to work. I am unsure why the definition is not being found during linking. ProjectA.lib however, is being created.

Any help in this regard would be appreciated.

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if you are using visual studio, and these are different project, then make project B dependent upon project A.

Right click on the solution. Go to project dependencies.

Choose Project B.

Click Project A (making project B dependent upon Project A)


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Have done that too, it does not work. – Balaji Sridharan Jan 9 '13 at 3:59

Did you include shared file in project B?

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No, I did not include the file. I included the sharedFile.hpp in the files in project B. And I don't think I should I have to. Including sharedFile.hpp forces me to include some other files as well and I might as well leave it as one project. – Balaji Sridharan Jan 9 '13 at 12:24

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