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Possible Duplicate:
Remove specific characters from a string in python

there's a text:"abc\r egf", I need to filter the '\r', however, I think there's some other special characters I need to filter for other text, maybe '\n', so I want to know whether there's a library can do this job?

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standard string replace operations will do the job – Andreas Jung Jan 9 '13 at 4:26

As CRUSADER mentioned, standard string replace operations will do what you want, provided you know what characters you want to remove.

text = 'foo\nbar\t\tbaz\r'
new_text = text.replace('\n', '').replace('\t', '').replace('\r', '')
>>> foobarbaz

See the documentation for how the function works.

However, using re.sub can do this as well, and might even be easier to replace a long list of characters.

import re
text = 'foo\nbar\t\tbaz\r'
chars = '[\n\t\r]'
new_text = re.sub(chars, '', text)
>>> foobarbaz
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