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I have 10 Http Request samplers in my jmeter. I have specified the Number of Threads as 2. So the total of requests is 20.

If i run Jmeter the following one of way it should run:

  1. first Run Thread1 requests completed for all 10 Http requests and Run the Thread2 requests;
  2. or randomly run two threads http requests.

Which order jmeter will follow?
Also which Listener i need to use if want to know the jmeter running order?

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It depends on ramp-up time :

  • if you set it to 0, then the 2 threads will run simultaneously, and you cannot tell about the order of the 20 requests

  • if you set ramp up to a very big value, you could have thread 1 requests end then thread 2 requests start but that's not what you want from load tests

Finally you can use view results in tree or table but just during script debug.

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Thank you.if i specify ramp up value then thread created within the specified time.correct? I think this is not right to do test in jmeter. –  Ami Jan 9 '13 at 8:57

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