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I have created a RestFUL api using mvc4 asp.net web api, one of my customers needs to consume some services from his visual fox pro system.

He tells me can't use my RestFUL services, because there's not way. I don't know anything about Visual FoxPro.

Is there any way to consume RestFUL services from visual fox pro?

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By strict definition the answer is no. However, there are ways you could engineer this behavior. Do you know if the database is SQL Server or Native? –  David C Jan 9 '13 at 17:17
RestFUL services are using sql azure and Visual FoxPro system is using native database. It is mandatory to use RestFUL services, as far as I know there is an option using WinHttpRequest object, we are trying to call RestFUL servicies with this object. –  ngonzalez Jan 9 '13 at 19:24

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You're really asking two questions here.

1: "Is there any native functionality to read RESTful web services in Visual FoxPro?"

No. Meaningful development of Visual FoxPro ceased before web services moved from a quirky browser thing to a central technology, and so this legacy xBase system was never adjusted to be able to communicate them.

2: "Is there any way at all to get data from a RESTful web service into Visual FoxPro?"

Yes. VFP can act as both a COM or ODBC client, and can harness data relayed from either of those methods. Provided that you don't encounter a security wall and have sufficient skill to manually specify the HTTP headers, the standard(1) MSXML.XMLhttpRequest object is your best choice.

Be aware that you won't be able to natively consume JSON with FoxPro, although there was at least one library to convert from JSON to a VFP-usable object. XML is preferable if you have a choice, as you may be able to leverage the XMLAdapater class introduced in the last version of Visual FoxPro.

(1: "Standard" here meaning, "standard on the windows platform." Anything allowed to run Visual FoxPro that should be allowed anywhere near the internet has MSXML already installed.)

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FoxPro can use Mircrsoft Soap SDK software to connect to any WebServervice, this one, is preferible that returns a XML.

This is what I use, after install free software "soapsdk.exe"

local loWS, loP




loP contains can cointain result in XML format

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