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This is my date data ; From : 09-01-2013 To : 22-01-2013 (the format is fixed)

how to format for colum date send_date_time to d-m-Y .. below is my query :

$filter = "and DATE_FORMAT(send_date_time,'%d-%m-%Y') BETWEEN '08-01-2012 12:00:00' and '22-01-2013 12:00:00' ";

but above query is failed when i try with this(below) query, yes can work :

$filter = "and send_date_time BETWEEN '2013-01-08 12:00:00' and '2013-01-22 12:00:00' ";

Full query

$get_transaction_history  = ("select * from `sms_sendlog` where store_id='".$store."' ".$filter." order by id desc"); 

Colum :

Colum Name : send_date_time
e.g  value : 2012-10-22 10:19:36
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It should be like

$filter = "and send_date_time BETWEEN DATE_FORMAT('08-01-2012 12:00:00','%d-%m-%Y') AND DATE_FORMAT('22-01-2013 12:00:00','%d-%m-%Y') ";

Read more

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Thanks @Dasun .. i found we can convert the data first date('Y-m-d',strtotime($date_from)); before put in query too .. –  rusly Jan 9 '13 at 6:02

Use STR_TO_DATE function instead of using DATE_FORMAT function.

Try this:

$filter = "and send_date_time BETWEEN STR_TO_DATE('08-01-2012 12:00:00','%d-%m-%Y') AND STR_TO_DATE('22-01-2013 12:00:00','%d-%m-%Y') ";

Check this link MySQL Date Time Function: STR_TO_DATE

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