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I tried to set a icon at the top-left corner of the shell for one eclipse 4.2 APP. I already set the branding images, but no luck.

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2 Answers

The branding images in the *.product file are not picked up by e4.

There are two ways to get an icon into the corner of your window.

1) Set the "Icon URI" attribute of your Window in the *.e4xmi

2) Set the default icons(s) using the JFace Window Singleton API

Window.setDefaultImages(new Image[] {...});

P.S. The bug mentioned in the previous answer has been fixed: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=280825

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I guess there is bug which is already reported. You can set the top left icon only but fetching the active shell and perform setimage method.

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