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i have this array:

[ 'lol',  { hola: 'xQaUqX19UmahiMd_3IN_', lol: 'PE-n5EmMl7jYYQrI3IOA' } ]

im triying to get the values "xQaUqX19UmahiMd_3IN_" and 'PE-n5EmMl7jYYQrI3IOA' dinamically but i cant do it.

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What have you tried? –  ATOzTOA Jan 9 '13 at 6:11
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As I can see you have an array and with that array you have an object. There are two array elements. You can access with 0 and 1 like below

var arr = [ 'lol',  { hola: 'xQaUqX19UmahiMd_3IN_', lol: 'PE-n5EmMl7jYYQrI3IOA' } ];
console.log(arr[0]); //prints  lol
// prints { hola: 'xQaUqX19UmahiMd_3IN_', lol: 'PE-n5EmMl7jYYQrI3IOA' } which is a object.

objects can be accessed with dots I think you know that. Now access like below.

console.log(arr[1].hola) // prints  xQaUqX19UmahiMd_3IN_
console.log(arr[1].lol)  // prints PE-n5EmMl7jYYQrI3IOA
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Assuming that your array is stored in a variable named myArray then do myArray[1].hola or myArray[1]['hola']

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