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I have several model class that implement java.io.Serializable interface (for serialization purpose) and they work perfectly in devmode and webmode but when i want to use them in a GWTTestCase after running test i get this error:

Type 'com.saeed.test.model.MyModel' was not assignable to 
and did not have a custom field serializer.
For security purposes, this type will not be deserialized.

I mention that MyModel class does not have default constructor(but works perfectly in devmode and webmode).

How can i fix this problem?

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sscce.org –  Anders R. Bystrup Jan 9 '13 at 8:25
Please post an update whether you were able to solve the problem. It is a nice practice to close the question if it gets solved either by choosing an answer or by posting your own answer. –  SSR Feb 10 '13 at 11:41

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Please go through GWT RPC's user test suite here and rpc test suite here

You might also have to follow how GWT sets up its RPC tests.

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