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I have 3 different radio button lists. Users can choose one value for each radio button list, and then it will store into mysql database. How do I store them in a single column, different row? Please help! Thanks.


$sql = "INSERT into ratings (product, rating) VALUES ('".$key."', '".."')";
$result = $mysqli->query($sql);
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this is a duplicate of… – artsylar Jan 10 '13 at 7:16

To store single or multiple choices as a single record(column) I suggest to encode the choices as an integer value.

If you had many options which are exclusive, you can encode those as integer values.

option1 encoded as 1
option2 encoded as 2
option3 encoded as 3
option4 encoded as 4
option5 encoded as 5

If you have very few and nonexclusive options you should encode them as bits in an integer:

option1 encoded as 1 (binary ...00001)
option2 encoded as 2 (binary ...00010)
option3 encoded as 4 (binary ...00100)
option4 encoded as 8 (binary ...01000)

the second representation allows you to store 2 or more choices in a single integer value:

option2 + opton4 encoded as 8 + 2 = 10 (binary ...01010)
(no option selected) encoded as 0      (binary ...00000)

More on bitvise operations:

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Use INSERT statement with multi insert rows.

INSERT INTO ratings (product, rating) 
VALUES (1, 1), 
       (1, 2), 
       (1, 3);

Check this link MySQL INSERT Statement

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