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I need help on this problem I am facing.

I am trying to server a website [say www.mysite.com] from one of the dedicated server I have rented.

I am using Apache tomcat 6.0.18. I am not using any webserver for this. Tomcat is serving as webserver as well.

I have changed default port from 8080 to 9001.

I have made DNS entry in host file of server [x.x.x.x pointing to www.mysite.com]

When I build the project, mysite.war is created and on deploying it, 'mysite' folder is created within webapps [as per standard].

I will serve only 1 site from my rented server.

Problem: When I try to access my website as www.mysite.com nothing happens and I get timeout error.

But when I access my website with url as www.mysite.com:9001/mysite/welcome.html , I get proper home page loaded on internet.

I think there seems some problem in my server.xml setup [or any other setup].

Someone kindly assist me with this setup issue.

Please let me know if I need to provide any more information.

Thanks, SF

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This is not a programming question, and therefore off-topic on stackoverflow.com. Try serverfault.com instead. –  Joachim Pileborg Jan 9 '13 at 8:05

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It is correct that you are able to access according to your current configuration.


You configuration is wrong if you want to access it like: www.mysite.com/welcome.html. What you need to do is to change your 9001 to the default HTTP port - probably 80. This will allow you to access your site like this: www.mysite.com/mysite. If you want to access it in this way: www.mysite.com your project needs to be in tomcat's webapps/ROOT directory.

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