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I have a mapview on a class where I can go anywhere and can zoom in and can see the whole map. Now I want to know is there is a method to keep track of the zoomed region or map region appearing on the current view, so that when I go to another class I can get the same map on another view the same region.

For Eg: In my FirstViewController I am on the map and now I zoom in to NorthAmerican region, so now I want that when I move to SecondViewController so that I can see the NorthAmerican region i.e the region where I was on the FirstViewController before I moved to SecondView. Can anyone tell me how this can be done ?

I have to add the annotation pin to the center of the region on SecondView taking into account the view as on the FirstViewController i.e if I was in SouthAmerica region then on moving to the SecondView a pin should drop in the center of the map region of SouthAmerica. Can someone guide me how to do this ?

Any Coding will be much helpful .. Thanks

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Just pass the visible rect of the scroll view (or map or whatever) into the second VC.

Then in viewWillAppear (or something) zoom and scroll to the given rect.

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