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I want to create a pointcut expression to intercept all method calls to all classes within the package com.xmy.package and its sub packages. My xml, code looks like below

    <aop:pointcut id="allCalls" expression="within(com.xmy.package..*)" />
    <aop:aspect ref="loggingService">
        <aop:around method="logMethodFlow" pointcut-ref="allCalls" />

Caused by: org.springframework.aop.framework.AopConfigException: Could not generate CGLIB subclass of class...... .. . . . . .Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Superclass has no null constructors but no arguments were given at net.sf.cglib.proxy.Enhancer.emitConstructors( at net.sf.cglib.proxy.Enhancer.generateClass( at net.sf.cglib.transform.TransformingClassGenerator.generateClass( at net.sf.cglib.core.DefaultGeneratorStrategy.generate( at net.sf.cglib.core.AbstractClassGenerator.create( at net.sf.cglib.proxy.Enhancer.createHelper( at net.sf.cglib.proxy.Enhancer.create( at org.springframework.aop.framework.Cglib2AopProxy.getProxy(

But when I use a pointcut expression for a particular class(as below) it works fine.

    <aop:pointcut id="classCalls" expression="execution(* com.xmy.package.MyClass.*(..))" />
    <aop:aspect ref="loggingService">
        <aop:around method="logMethodFlow" pointcut-ref="classCalls" />

Please let me know how to log all method calls to a specific packages and its sub packages.

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Point cut for all method calls in specific packages and their subpackages. For example com.xmy.package1.subpackages ... com.xmy.package2.subpackages ...

    <aop:pointcut id="pkg1AllCalls" expression="execution (* com.xmy.package1+*())" />
    <aop:pointcut id="pkg2AllCalls" expression="execution (* com.xmy.package2+*())" />
    <aop:aspect ref="loggingService">
        <aop:around method="logMethodFlow" pointcut-ref="pkg1AllCalls" />
        <aop:around method="someOtherMethod" pointcut-ref="pkg2AllCalls" />

i.e. Define 2 different pointcuts that makes expressions both concise and maintainable. Note that someOtherMethod() was something I added new to use two different pointcuts.

There is a limitation with XML based style If you had to merge two pointcuts as shown above ref: 6.4.2 Section of Spring Docs 3.0

However this can be easily achieved when used as @AspectJ

@Pointcut(execution(* get*()))
  public void propertyAccess() {}

  @Pointcut(execution( *(..))
  public void operationReturningAnAccount() {}

  @Pointcut(propertyAccess() && operationReturningAnAccount())
  public void accountPropertyAccess() {}
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