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I wanted to use the title bar to display some useful information for emacs. Currently I use frame-title-format. However, the title bar only updates when emacs "wants" to update it. For example saving file, or reached top or bottom of buffer. Is there a command to update the title bar manually?

The command I used is

(setq frame-title-format 
  '("%b  %*  " 
    (:eval (number-to-string (wy-count-word-section))) 
    " / %i" "%n"))

where wy-count-word-section is a numeric variable.

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Maybe start by identifying when exactly you'd like to have it updated. This should be related to when you are looking at it. It could be linkable then to something? – PascalvKooten Jan 9 '13 at 15:07
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Like modeline, using force-mode-line-update will update frame title, too.

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