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With a div element in a parent div that is hidden with display:none.

  • I'm dumping the jQuery textarea element to the console. I see that the scrollHeight property of the 0th element is 88.
  • I try to read this property to a var (using $(element)[0].scrollHeight or $(element).prop('scrollHeight') and I'm getting 0.

I also tried to set the textarea to position: absolute and display: block with jQuery, before the read, with the same result.

How can I read the property correctly?

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You need to set dispaly:block property for parent div. And after getting scrollheight by using $(element)[0].scrollHeight you can set display:none to main div.

So your code will be

// Dump html to div
// Read height
var heightOfDiv = $('#mainDiv')[0].scrollHeight
// Hide the div
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