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I have a dating site and I'd like to index in the search results URL with parameters in SERPs. the things that I made:

  1. turn the URL to look like this: http://www.mysite.co.il/form_results_index.aspx?Search=man_woman_18-22

  2. Define at WMT the parameter as "sort" parameter.

it was a few weeks ago, but I still can't see nothing at the result page of Google. I can see that the in the WMT Google do recognize the parameters because the urls with the parameters show up at the "url for example" at the parameters define.

What else do you think I can do?

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Are you possibly filtering the search results in the robots.txt file? Many canned systems make that a default filter.

Also, as a rule, google doesn't want search results to be indexed. Since this is dating site and much (I am assuming) of the content is behind an authentication wall, ie login required, you may want to create a url that is some of "the latest" 18-22yr olds. And also create other urls for 23-28yr olds,... Google would prefer a canonical link on the http://www.mysite.co.il/form_results_index.aspx?Search=man_woman_18-22 page pointing to http://www.mysite.co.il/form_results_index.aspx

Since the url is the same just the parameters make the content different. HTH

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A search is not a sort? More accurately it Narrows.

In WMT you also should also set how Google should crawl it. If you left it to let Google decide then they will probably not include sort variations as they don't add new content.

And as Michael said, Google does not generally like to index sort URLs. It's unstructured and generally lead to a very large index that is full of duplicate content. As he suggests, providing category URLs for popular topics will work better.

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Thank you both for the great answers. I think I know what to do now. – Tay Feb 28 '13 at 14:36

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