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I am using subversion v1.6.11 in CentOS. Using Apache httpd to interface with Web browser.

I have created several folders in svn. I have few subfolders in one of the svn repository. I have added 2 members to an svn repository. I want to selectively allow those two access to 3 subfolders in the svn project.

John user is one among the two users present in the svn repository. I have tried to set john = for subfolder A to block John from accessing the sbfolder. But that doesn't cause any differenc

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Read Path-Based Authorization chapter and Per-directory access control in SVN Book

For Apache you have to:

  • Load authz_svn_module module
  • Add AuthzSVNAccessFile /path/to/access/file to SVN location in httpd.conf
  • Write access-rules to access-file according to 1-st URL
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