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has anyone seen this happen before? I need to do remote debugging but don't seem to have the option to use it. When I load Visual Studio 2008 and go into the Tools > Attach to Process menu, the only Transport that is listed (first dropdown) is "Default". That means that I can't switch to the "Remote (Native Only)" transport I would use to do remote debugging.

Am I missing some permissions? Does my version not support remote debugging? I've spent an hour searching Google for any reason why it might not appear......

My version info:
- Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
- Version 9.0.21022.8 RTM
- Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.5 SP1
- Installed Edition: Standard


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Remote debugging is only available on the Pro and Team version of Visual Studio 2008. More info here Remote debugging Setup

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damn, introducing artificial licensing differences really sucks. I have a full MSDN subscription, but I guess I picked the wrong version to install. Thanks for the answer! –  Steve Eisner Sep 14 '09 at 18:34

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