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I want to translate a whole html page (text and some markup) including <p>,<italic>, <strong> tags in Symfony2. For simple phrases I use {{ 'read.first'|trans }} but this does not accept html tags like <p>. How do I do that ?

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You shouldn't translate complete pages with the Translation component of symfony, that is meaned for just short strings.

Twig always escapes tags in strings, you can read in the translation docs how to disable this for your translations:

Using the translation tags or filters have the same effect, but with one subtle difference: automatic output escaping is only applied to variables translated using a filter. In other words, if you need to be sure that your translated variable is not output escaped, you must apply the raw filter after the translation filter:

{# text translated between tags is never escaped #}
{% trans %}
{% endtrans %}

{% set message = '<h3>foo</h3>' %}

{# a variable translated via a filter is escaped by default #}
{{ message|trans|raw }}

{# but static strings are never escaped #}
{{ '<h3>foo</h3>'|trans }}
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so what's the solution ? – Radolino Jan 11 '13 at 6:28

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