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I have a batch of flv files, and i want to remove all the audio that is in the file. Is this possible? I have tried to use ffmpeg, but am not able to do it, can someone direct me in the right direction? is there a way using C or any other way?

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You want to completely remove the audio? ffmpeg can do that, so in what way could you not use it? Was it failing to work properly?

ffmpeg -i input.flv -an output.flv

.. should do it (in fact, it does, I just tested it with ffmpeg 0.10.2 on SL6). So:

# in bash
for file in *.flv
    ffmpeg -i "$file" -an $(basename "$file" .flv)-edit.flv

.. will do all .flv files in the current directory, creating *-edit.flv versions (leaving the originals safe).

Update: you should probably also add the appropriate video-copy option as described by LordNeckbeard below.

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You should add -c:v copy or -vcodec copy (same thing; different syntax for different ffmpeg versions) as an output option to copy the video streams instead of re-encoding. – LordNeckbeard Jan 9 '13 at 18:27

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