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I am integrating sencha touch2 with phonegap for android.I have successfull created a sample app in my localhost.Now i am trying to integrate it with phonegap for android following this tutorial

What i have done so far

  1. created new sencha application(AndroidSencha)
  2. Created a new folder name android in side AndroidSencha.
  3. Created a project there in android using eclipse.
  4. changed the logger: 'no' to 'false' in app.json.
  5. copy cordova-2.1.0.js to root folder to sencha(i am using phonegap2.1.0 on windows)
  6. added
    "js": [ { "path": "cordova-2.1.0.js" }, to app.json

When i am trying "sencha app build testing -d android/assets/www " on command prompt.I am getting "build fail" message

I cant go ahead from here ..

Pls help..

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You should use the latest version of Sencha Touch (2.1) with Sencha Cmd.

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