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I m a new one for selenium learning, I wonder that what kind of most you guys use when make a integration test. I mean, how do you manage your test cases in an excel? or anyother way?...And also how do you show your test result in a very straight way like a chart? I searched some articles that they use ant+Junit+webdriver, any others?


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Well Maven-TestNG-WebDriver is one of the effective way to create a framework. You can find details here. A framework setup cased on this is CI integration ready.

Another good options is FitNesse, which gives a wiki based test management / execution. Although it is not easy to integrate it to CI servers. FitNesse has web server based wiki which could help you in centralizing you automation test suites. Check it out here and on FitNesse tutorials

BDD frameworks like JBehave can also be integrated with selenium. I will not recommend excel (which is good for tools like silktest and QTP) rat maintaining it on text files and / or wiki is much efficient and effective option. Again this is totally my opinion and you may find poi liberaries to be more helpful than I do.

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thanks, I will check it! –  Fiona Jan 9 '13 at 13:40

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