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How can I compile Sass on Windows? Can someone help me and tell me the first steps to compile Sass on Windows?

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Install ruby for Windows: http://rubyinstaller.org/downloads/

Use "Start Command Prompt with Ruby".

Type: gem install sass

Compile with: sass --watch style.scss:style.css

Compile for production sites (compress css): sass --watch --style=compressed style.scss:style.css

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You can use Prepros App It can compile less, sass, scss, coffeescript, jade, haml and It can also live refresh your browser.

It is also free and open source.

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i am new to this, i checked Scout (based on adobe air) but Prepros is more nice. –  AgelessEssence Aug 23 '13 at 8:56
you can also type: sass --watch . –  STEEL Dec 13 '13 at 15:24
Prepros is no longer free. You'll have to use a trial that nags you every 10 minutes or so. I've also noticed a huge drop off in speed. Honestly, Prepros isn't that great anymore. –  The Maniac Dec 22 '14 at 22:04

I recently started using Sass on Windows. The easy way is to use Scout. It's really nice and will get it up and running very quickly.

A more robust way I would say try using build tool like Yeoman. Getting it to work on Windows is tricky but once you start using it you will fall in love immediately. You can run test server, compile your sass, watch the files so when you hit save in your editor the website is updated immediately and a lot more.


I recently started using PrePros. It's a new opensource application (also available as Chrome extension) that lets you compile Sass, LESS, HAML, CoffeScript and Jade. It's the best available solution at the moment

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I just started using Mindscape Web Workbench plugin for VS12. It complies sass, scss, and less. There's also color coding!

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There are few free software tools.

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Koala works good for me. It has not only Sass support, but also LESS and Coffee. I've migrated from LESS to Sass so I need to support old projects made with LESS and new with Sass. It's comfortable to use only one tool for both of them. And it has cross-planform support.

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Step by step instructions have been provided to install SASS on Mac, Windows, and Linux have been provided here: http://sass-lang.com/install

Also a list of Applications:

  1. CodeKit (Paid)
  2. Compass.app (Paid, Open Source)
  3. Hammer (Paid)
  4. Koala (Open Source)
  5. LiveReload (Paid, Open Source)
  6. Mixture (Paid)
  7. Prepros (Paid, Open Source)
  8. Scout (Open Source)

have been provided at the above link that will get you up and running with SASS in a few minutes for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

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