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I did a p4 have file.c in my workspace and also in another colleague's workspace for the same branch. my revision is shown as #5 and colleague's is #4. His rivision remains #4 even after he doing p4 sync -f file.c. Still I dont get the reason for this mismatch- (p4 sync -f is supposed to bring to latest revision which is #5).

The question is, how somebody can confirm whether their file is the latest version available in the perforce server.

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by the way, I got reason for this mismatch - it was some server side configuration issue. –  Lunar Mushrooms Jan 10 '13 at 10:07

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You can check for new changes with p4 sync -n or p4 changes "...#>have" in the workspaceroot.

A possible cause for not getting a new change when calling p4 sync or p4 sync -f is to have the file open (you'd have to resolve it then).

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