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In my application I use serval languages. I'n my module.php I set the locale of a user by the follow methode:

$translator = $e->getApplication()->getServiceManager()->get('translator');
$translator ->setLocale(\Locale::acceptFromHttp($_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE']))

There are running server domain.tdl's on this application (different languages) so I use a function in my fallback to set the fallback locale per domain, anyway...

I want to make use of currencyFormat but I don't get it work to use it with the locale by user. I tried the code below with and without '\Locale::getDefault())'; A number like '1509053' and should be returned as '€ 1.509.053.00' or ',' depends on locale, I get just '€ 1509053.00'.


output of \Locale::getDefault())

string(11) "en_US_POSIX"

output of module.php $translator

   class Zend\I18n\Translator\Translator#193 (8) { protected $messages => array(0) { } 
protected $files => array(0) { } protected $patterns => array(1) { 'default' => array(1) { [0] => array(3) { 'type' => string(7) "gettext" 'baseDir' => string(119) "..../module/.../config/../language" 'pattern' => string(5) "" } } } protected $remote => array(0) { } protected $locale => string(35) "nl-NL,nl;q=0.8,en-US;q=0.6,en;q=0.4" protected $fallbackLocale => string(5) "nl_NL" protected $cache => NULL protected $pluginManager => NULL }

Hope someone can put me in the right direction :) Thnx

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This is just an assumption, but the error may be inside the Locale that is set. It should not be en_US_POSIX but rather en_US. Try setting the locale manually and not by acceptFromHttp – Sam Jan 9 '13 at 10:26
hmm.. If I set both (http|fallback) to nl_NL the default output is still 'en_US_POSIX'. When I set nl_NL 'hard' in the currency ->setLocale() it works like suposed – directory Jan 9 '13 at 10:45
OK, I think I figure it out. I thought, by setting the translate Locale we set automatically the Locale::getDefault() aswel. This seems not right and is need to set the locale for this function aswel by Locale::setDefault(); – directory Jan 9 '13 at 14:39
If you found a working solution, you might as well post an answer to your question and accept it ;) – Sam Jan 9 '13 at 14:41

To use the function '\Locale::getDefault();' we need to set first '\Locale::setDefault(language_code);' $translate->setLocale doesn't set Locale::getDefault();.

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That is right. $translate->setLocale() (or, any $component->setLocale()), will always just set a fixed locale for that specific component/instance. – DASPRiD Feb 25 '13 at 4:44

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