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I need to compile an external library using DirectX, from a VS2008 project. I've converted it to a VS2012 project, but the project doesn't compile.

I get the following error in many files:

> fatal error C1073: Internal error involving incremental compilation 
(compiler file 'f:\dd\vctools\compiler\cxxfe\sl\p1\c\p0io.c', line 865)

What is the meaning of this error?

And what is the p0io.c file? I've no file with this name (nor a f:// disk)

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You are seeing the output generated by the __FILE__ macro inside the MSVC compiler. The F: drive was the drive used on the build machine in Redmond to store the source code. dd means DevDiv, the subdivision of the Servers and Tools division of Microsoft that is responsible for the developer tool products, like MSVC. The p0 in the file name gives a hint where the compiler crashed, p0 is the preprocessor pass. So some sort of problem with macros is likely. Albeit that io hints at trouble with a file.

No code to look at so I can only recommend the documented workaround for C1073. Disable incremental compilation with Project + Properties, C/C++, General, Debug Information Format setting. Change it from the default of /ZI to /Zi and rebuild your project. Delete any .pch file in the build directory by hand first, to be sure. Hopefully you'll now get error messages that provides a hint why your code made the compiler take a nosedive. Fix those and with some luck you can turn /ZI back on.

If you still have trouble and you repro this issue with VS2012 then you can file a bug report at connect.microsoft.com. They'll need a copy of your project to repro the issue. If you can't wait or use an old version then call Microsoft Support.

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For VS2010, Disabling Configuration properties | C/C++ | Code generation | "minimal rebuild" avoids the error.

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This tip helped, as opposed to the accepted answer about the disabling incremental compilation. – Roalt May 27 '14 at 13:48
It helped me too. Im using a project that is located in a network device. I know sometimes dates are not recognized exactly. maybe that's why it fails. I tried to disable the incremental build but the problem persisted until i disabled minimal rebuild. (I'm compiling my soft in a virtual machine because i'm actually runnign gnu-linux) – Nande Oct 12 '14 at 18:48

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