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I want to measure the time of loading the page. I use watir-webdriver performance gem and this code:

5.times do
  @b.goto ("#{@host}")    
  puts "Load Time: #{@b.performance.summary[:response_time]/1000.000} seconds."

But now I need to produce yalm file, that collect the time information of the cucumber-test for my statistic.

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Are you already getting the performance information you need? Are you just asking how to output to the yaml file? –  Justin Ko Jan 9 '13 at 15:10

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def write_to_file(p)
  File.open('performance.txt', 'a') {|file| file.write("#{p} - #{@b.performance.summary[:response_time]/1000.000} seconds\n") }

@page = "google.com"
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