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This code is not working, the comparison is not being done why? All names get past the if.

    printf("Enter Product: \n");
scanf("%s", &nameIt2);
printf("Enter Description: \n");
scanf("%s", &descriptionI);
printf("Enter Quantity: \n");
scanf("%d", &qtyI);
printf("Enter Order Quantity: \n");
scanf("%s", &ordqtyI);

while(fscanf(fp4, "%s %s %d %s\n", &namet2,&description2,&qty2,&ordqty2) != EOF){
        if(namet2 != nameIt2)
        fprintf(fpt2, "%s %s %d %s\n", &namet2, &description2, qty2, &ordqty2);

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scanf("%s", &variable looks fishy. The array name "decays" into a pointer to the first element, so the & is either unnecessary or a severe bug, depending on the variable types. – Lundin Jan 9 '13 at 10:28

To compare two C strings (char *), use strcmp(). The function returns 0 when the strings are equals, so you would need to this in your code:

if(strcmp(namet2, nameIt2) != 0)

If you (wrongly) use

if(namet2 != nameIt2)

You are comparing the pointers (addresses) of both strings, which are unequal when you have 2 different pointers (which is always the case in your situation).

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You try and compare pointers here, not the contents of what is pointed to (ie, your characters).

You must use either memcmp or str{,n}cmp to compare the contents.

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Name of the array indicates the starting address. starting address of both namet2 and nameIt2 are different. So equal to(=) operator checks whether the address are same or not. For comparing two string better way is to use strcmp(). or we can compare character by character using loop

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You need to use strcmp:

strcmp(namet2, nameIt2)
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You are currently comparing the addresses of the two strings.

Use strcmp to compare the values of two char arrays

 if (strcmp(namet2, nameIt2) != 0)
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For comparing 2 strings either use the built in function strcmp() using header file string.h

    printf("Entered strings are equal");
    printf("Entered strings are not equal");

OR You can write your own function like this:

int string_compare(char str1[], char str2[])
    int ctr=0;

    if(str[ctr]=='\0' && str2[ctr]=='\0')
     return 0;
     return -1;
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if(strcmp(sr1,str2)) // this returns 0 if strings r equal 
else flag=1; // then last check the variable flag value and print the message 


char str1[20],str2[20];
printf("enter first str > ");
printf("enter second str > ");

for(int i=0;str1[i]!='\0';i++)
    else {flag=1; break;}

 //check the value of flag if it is 0 then strings r equal simple :)
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