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LINQPad is great for quickly looking for results with its awesome "Dump" method.

However, when I am looking on a dictionary that holds an array (or an object), I see it like that:

enter image description here

To actually see the value in each row, I have to click "Value", which opens a new tab. I'd really like a way to see all the values expanded in one view.

Is that possible?

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It is, but it requires some coding on your part.

You'll have to implement an extension for LINQPad, and in that extension implement the ICustomMemberProvider interface. You can just put this code right along in your assembly. If it is in the LINQPad namespace, LINQPad will pick it up and use it.

For more info, see the LINQPad FAQ at http://www.linqpad.net/FAQ.aspx

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I found it what I was looking for. I had to switch to "Results to rich text" (CTRL+SHIFT+T). However, at that view I still couldn't see the values properly:

enter image description here

However, that turned out to be because I did .Dump(0) instead of just .Dump(). Wit that fixed, I was able to expand the dictionary and see the whole picture:

enter image description here

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