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Ive been programming for about a year so far all I have done has been Java and C. I would call my self intermediate in those languages, but decided that i want to try to learn python.

I downloaded python 3.3 of the website and am slightly confused. I tested out some programs in the Python Shell, and it seems to be more of a calculator than a language. For example as soon as I click enter it compiles and runs whatever code i had in there. What should i be using for writing bigger programs with classes and functions.

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Python is an interpreted language, not a compiled one.

You are probably used to languages in which you write a program and then call a compiler to generate a "binary" file which is executable on your machine. In Python, you just tell Python to execute the code file directly, skipping the compilation step.

You should probably find a decent tutorial that explains the basics. There are many ways to find one: here's a SO question.

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Thanks. Also as a followup. What are the advantages of using a text editor such as VIM and then compiling in command line, over and IDE such as eclipse. I know Eclipse isnt a perfect program but to me it stil seems to beat the hell out of running in command line. That being said what is a good IDE for coding in python. – Robert Lemiesz Jan 9 '13 at 10:50
@RobertLemiesz these are all very standard questions, and they'll be better answered if you do some searching for beginner Python resources. Nevertheless, briefly: the requirements for a Python IDE are less stringent than for a Java IDE: all it really needs is syntax highlighting and the ability to run the program with a keyboard shortcut. I use Eclipse + PyDev but Pycharm, vim, emacs, and many others are also popular. Also, to be clear, there is no compiling -- Python just runs the script directly. – katrielalex Jan 9 '13 at 11:00

Write your programs in .py files then execute them like so


Via the cmdline, (on windows you might need to add C:\Python33 to your system path variable)

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