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I'm using an app access token to write to a facebook user's wall (using the facebook graph toolkit in i've found that the process works fine if i have publish_stream permission but fails if i only have publish_actions. i would prefer to work only with publish_actions to avoid the second screen permission request.

this issue seems to go against the fb docs which state "Moving forward, we recommend that apps only ask for publish_actions, as this permission encompasses the other two and we want to simplify the model." (

I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced and overcome this issue.

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You need to check out this.

It says-

publish_actions will now include basic publish_stream permissions (including posting on a user's timeline, posting photos/videos, commenting on and liking content), which will appear on the first Auth Dialog screen. With this change, apps that were previously granted publish_stream do not need to request publish_actions.

as you said, BUT-

If you need specific capabilities like posting to a friend's timeline or to groups, you will still need to request publish_stream, which appears on a second screen where users can also opt out.

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