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I have a site, lets say has a paged lists of products.

The pagination is AJAX based, it degrades 100% without JavaScript.

With JavaScript Turned on or off this Url will show the same content. (page 4 of my list of products) the same applies for any filter and ordering filters.

~/products/list/4  { 4 = page number } 

When googlebot lands on page 1 of my products it won't be able to page through the products because it is AJAX based pagination. So if I turn off the AJAX Pagination and fall back to "server side" pagination if the useragent == googlebot then it can index all my Urls which will have the same content as an AJAX enable page.

I have read about using #! but my site does has the same functioallity my urls are the same with or withour JS enabled.

Hope that makes sense.

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Please, do not show a diferent content if is Googlebot, because it may be considered black hat SEO. The best way to do define witch version you prefer is to use canonical metatag.

If you do not know, please also read this: Making AJAX Applications Crawlable

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