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I installed the freeglut3 and freeglut3-dev by apt-get. I want to create a OPENGL GLUT Project in Codeblocks. I was asked the GLUT's location and I entered "/usr" as I found in a tutorial. But I got the error message:

"The path you entered seems valid, but this wizard can't locate the following GLUT's library file: glut in it."

Did I set the right location? What is the right way to setup up such a glut project?

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I have also faced the same problem. But I solve the problem Without creating the project and run the GLUT program. For that go to compiler and debugger setting and in linker tab and link library libGL.so , libGLU.so, libglut.so form directory usr/lib by pressing add button. Now you can include glut.h header and run the project.

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Thank you for you help. I could also do it with CMake. just wondering why it doesn't work. –  Sisi Jan 10 '13 at 21:28

You should try /usr/local location if you were executing ./configure and installation with default parameters

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I am assuming you already have glut installed.

Open codeblocks and select Opengl project. While inside go to settings -> compiler -> linker settings -> link libraries Add glut GL and GLU one by one separately.

Your code should run.

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