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I would like to know if i do something wrong or if it's normal that i can't access the properties of my model on the server side (using express) by calling req.body.username (for example) after a fetch() call:

app.get("/test", function(req, res){
  console.log(req.body.username); //Undefined

But i can access it the same way by a PUT request.

Actually i used the url to send the username but i would like to clean my routes and access the properties throught req.body instead, (of course after setting it in my model on the client side).

Thanks for the explanation !


In case it could matter, here is my app configuration:

  app.use(express.session({secret: 'test', store: express.session.MemoryStore({
    reapInterval: 60000 * 10
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I'm guessing you use backbone.js on the client, as you've tagged your question with it. Backbone's sync-method by default doesn't seem to attach the model data to the request. You could pass it in as an option to fetch/sync, but it seems JQuery would append the data to the url anyway. You'd probably have to override backbone's sync- and/or ajax-method. I believe it is against REST-principals to include a body in a GET-request though, as indicated in this other answer (a resource has to be completely identified by the URI).

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