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<div someAttr="parentDiv. We need to get it from child.">
    <table> ....
        <td> <div id="myDiv"></div> </td>
    ... </table>

I want to get parent by some selector from inner div element (in example with myDiv class). How to get it WITHOUT jQuery, only JS?

Something like:

var div = document.getElementById('myDiv');
div.someParentFindMethod('some selector');
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Google give only jQuery.parent everywhere. –  Nikita Kuhta Jan 9 '13 at 15:10

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Here's the most basic version:

function collectionHas(a, b) { //helper function (see below)
    for(var i = 0, len = a.length; i < len; i ++) {
        if(a[i] == b) return true;
    return false;
function findParentBySelector(elm, selector) {
    var all = document.querySelectorAll(selector);
    var cur = elm.parentNode;
    while(cur && !collectionHas(all, cur)) { //keep going up until you find a match
        cur = cur.parentNode; //go up
    return cur; //will return null if not found

var yourElm = document.getElementById("yourElm"); //div in your original code
var selector = ".yes";
var parent = findParentBySelector(yourElm, selector);
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Here is simple way to access parent id


will do the magic for you to access the parent div.

<body id="body">
function alertAncestorsUntilID() {
var a = document.getElementById("child").parentNode;
<div id="master">
<div id="child">Child</div>
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