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I have image tags in my html that have empty src attributes. This causes bugs in different browsers. I would like to remove all the image tags that have empty src dynamically


<div class="newsroom-item"> 
      <a href="/content/NewsRoom/648408.html"> 
        <img src="" alt="" data-blog="" data-list=""> 

I need help with the Javascript:

var figure = $('.newsarticle-list #newsarticlelist .newsroom-item figure a img');

$("figure[src='']").each(function () {

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Just use jQuery remove():

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You can do it this way

$('.newsarticle-list #newsarticlelist .newsroom-item figure a img[src='']').remove();

or if you want to use the object array.

    if(this.src == '')
       return $(this);
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I guess you mean:

var figure = $('.newsarticle-list #newsarticlelist .newsroom-item figure a img');

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You need to use remove() on img with src='' inside figure tag

The code could look like this:

$("figure img[src='']").remove();
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    $(".newsroom-item figure a img[src='']").remove()
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Correct it will load after your Document is loaded. –  user1749185 Jan 9 '13 at 12:12

If you want to remove all image tags which src attribute is empty, you can use

     var $el = $(this)
     if($el.attr('src') == '')
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