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Is there something equivalent to Sonar for Perl ?

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Smolder is a continuous integration framework that runs smoke tests and produces coverage reports, stats, and nice graphs. It accepts TAP input, so anything that can provide this can be plugged in. You can use the various TAP modules to provide integration on the Perl side.

You can also adapt off-the-shelf build systems. Hudson, Cruise Control and BuildBot can all be configured for Perl projects, although feature support will vary (Hudson is a little Java-centric). You can plug them together in different ways. For example, TAP::Harness::JUnit produces JUnit-like output, which can be fed to your tools.

There's also the Devel::Cover module which points out areas of untested code.

Here's an interesting discussion of code coverage in Perl.

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A small correction: Smolder doesn't actually run your tests (you set that up on your own), but it's really pretty easy to setup. –  mpeters Sep 14 '09 at 21:54

For code analysis, you can use PerlCritic

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