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I'm creating an app in android. In this app i've to create a video file(mp4, 3gp) from the images that are stored in the sdcard of the device. Is there any solution for this in android or we have to use any another api for this.

Thanks in advance

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Creating a video from single frames? What FPS rate do you expect? You can create something similar to a .gif using multiple pictures, but it won't actually be a .gif file. Theoretically you can make a video using many pictures but it won't be a video extension like .mp4 What's your goal? – Droidman Jan 9 '13 at 12:24
here i want to create the .mp4 file from the selected images. – Preet_Android Jan 9 '13 at 12:28
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you can't create a .mp4 encoded file using Android, that is not a video making software.

On Android however you can emulate the video effect by using an ImageView. For that you must create an integer array of your picture ResId's and loop through the array using a CountDownTimer for example, setting the next frame in the ImageView with a TickRate of 40 (would correspond a frame rate of 25 FPS). You could also provide background sounds.

But to answer you question - no, Android doesn't have built-in APIs which allow creating real video files from single frames. Consider using Sony Vegas or Adobe After Effects to solve your problem

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You can use to create an AVI from a set of jpg images

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