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I am trying to convert XML to CLOB and save it in table. Version of DB is Oracle This is how I am creating XML.

    p               dbms_xmlparser.parser;
    xml_doc         dbms_xmldom.domdocument;

    p := dbms_xmlparser.newParser;
    dbms_xmlparser..parseBuffer(p, '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="'||codepage||'"?><elm/>');
    d := dbms_xmlparser.getDocument(p);

But after converting XML to CLOB the cyrilic characters becoming not readable in variable v_xml_clob:

v_xml_clob    clob;
DBMS_LOB.createtemporary (v_xml_clob, TRUE);
dbms_xmldom.writeToClob(xml_doc , v_xml_clob);

But when I write XML to file all is OK: dbms_xmldom.writeToFile(xml_doc , PATH); And this is the example of text which is becoming wrong:

Сберегательные депозиты резидентов - национальная валюта
is becoming
бсх№хурђхыќэћх фхяючшђћ №хчшфхэђют - эрішюэрыќэрџ трыўђр

Please help me to fix this.

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The original bytes are encoded in Windows-1251, but in the result they are treated as ISO-8859-5. Does that help? You could look those up somewhere in your code, you are not showing them. –  Esailija Jan 9 '13 at 13:15
Thank you for your help. Solved it –  Daler Jan 10 '13 at 6:47
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Solved it this way:

v_xml_clob := convert(v_xml_clob,'CL8ISO8859P5','CL8MSWIN1251');
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