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With this code, it is possible to export every data frame in a new worksheet iterating data frames list:

def save_xls(list_dfs, xls_path):
    writer = ExcelWriter(xls_path)
    for n, df in enumerate(list_dfs):
        df.to_excel(writer,'sheet_dati%s' % n)
save_xls(list_dfs, xls_path)

But its possible to export two or more data frames in a single worksheet?

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If you want to have multiple DataFrames on the same sheet how would you combine them? Instead merge, join, or concatenate them into a single DataFrame beforehand as pandas gives you multiple ways of doing so. And then do your export.

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I think you are going to be better doing a concat of these DataFrames before exporting (via to_excel). That is:

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Thanks, but the integration of data frames is messy (they are merged together and not in sequence) when exported on the sheet. Unfortunately I think I should have to study a lot merge, join, concatenate functions in order to have usable and correctly formatted data on the sheet. Anyway this command is useful too. Thanks. M –  Manuel Zompetta Jan 9 '13 at 15:49
@ManuelZompetta merging in pandas itself isn't too tricky, best of luck :) –  Andy Hayden Jan 9 '13 at 15:53
+1 for Manuel, before the pandas.ExcelWriter has a write-rows method, which could be used for this purpose. But I noticed that recent version removes this method. I would argue sometimes people have some dataframs that have good reason to be separated. –  wiswit Jan 31 '13 at 22:27
more comments: I just notice now you have startrow and startcol in the pa.DataFrame.to_excel method, so one probale workaround is to calculate the length that needed. –  wiswit Jan 31 '13 at 22:35

Something like this: ?

from pandas import ExcelWriter
def dfs2xlsx(list_dfs,xls_path = None):
    if xls_path == None :
        xls_path = '~tmp.xlsx'
    writer = ExcelWriter(xls_path)
    for n, df in enumerate(list_dfs):
        df.to_excel(writer,'Sheet1',startcol=i,startrow =2)
        i+= len(df.columns) + 2
    os.system('start excel.exe %s' %(writer.path ))
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