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I use Apache Solr 4 and I new at Solr, I want to add last_modified by date chooser, but I get exception when I add some document which have own last_modified. This exception I get. org.apache.solr.common.SolrException: Bad Request

I add field shema.xml las_date, but now i can't query range two date like this attr_las_date:[2013-01-00T20:00:00Z TO 2013-01-10T19:59:59Z] , because in schema.xml attr_* format is String

public static void indexFilesSolrCell(String fileName, String solrId,String fileAuthor, String fileDate,String fileDescription, String fileTitle) 
    throws IOException, SolrServerException {

    String urlString = "http://localhost:8983/solr"; 
    SolrServer solr = new CommonsHttpSolrServer(urlString);

    ContentStreamUpdateRequest up 
      = new ContentStreamUpdateRequest("/update/extract"); 
    up.addFile(new File(fileName));
    up.setParam("", solrId.replaceAll("\\s","").replaceAll("\\(","").replaceAll("\\)", ""));
    up.setParam("literal.url", fileName);
    up.setParam("", solrId);
    up.setParam("uprefix", "attr_");
    up.setParam("fmap.content", "content");
    up.setParam("literal.last_modified", fileDate);
    up.setParam("literal.description", fileDescription);
    up.setParam("literal.title", fileTitle);
    up.setAction(AbstractUpdateRequest.ACTION.COMMIT, true, true);


    QueryResponse rsp = solr.query(new SolrQuery("*:*"));

How I add the date to documents?

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i know , i added this field <field name="las_date" type="date" indexed="true" stored="true"/> , but when i range between two years it work true, but when i range two days i don't get anything – user527 Jan 11 '13 at 10:12

There should be

<field name="las_date" type="date" indexed="true" stored="true"  />

in your schema.xml

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